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Meet our team

Meet Our Team

Anne-Marie Cole - Green Party of Canada CEO

John Weston - Green Party of Ontario President

Adam Deutsch - Financial Agent

Bill Pegg - Chief Financial Officer

Jaden Braves - Youth lead

Christian Cullis

Christian has been a dedicated Green member since 2015 when he was inspired by Green advocates as a political science student at McMaster University. Christian has served as constituent coordinator for Ward 11 city councillor Dianne Saxe, former Green Party of Ontario deputy leader, managing communications and outreach strategy while advocating for sustainability.

Christian is passionate about creating a sustainable future for our children. Since January, Christian has collaborated with St. Paul's activists to build ties across Toronto for the Toronto-St. Paul's by-election. He believes this is a unique moment to take a stand. The Green Party of Canada is Christian's first and only choice, and he is excited to convince mid-town residents to make it theirs too.

Take Action

Even outside of election you can get involved with your local Greens.

Come to an Event

Come to a one of our events to learn more about things Greens value.


By becoming a member you are helping build a sustainable future.


We Need Your Support Today!

Our party is funded by grassroots supporters like you who chip in what they can, when they can.

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